MASACCI undertakes to benefit its high standards of service members. To this end, the Chamber intends to deliver to its members the following services (non exhaustive list):

  • Support of its members for their access to the South African market and vice versa;
  • Networking of South African and Malagasy companies and assistance for creation of alliances and partnerships
  • Information / communication on the business opportunities in the SADC region and its members access to these markets;
  • Lobbying the bodies of the Administration on legal and legal issues including measures relating to taxation, taxation and tax systems … for its members;
  • Lobbying on policy decisions for the establishment of a conducive business environment between Madagascar and South Africa and throughout the region;
  • Support for future entrepreneurs / potential leaders in the creation of their businesses by seeking opportunities and providing coaching services / mentoring;
  • Strengthening the capacity of its members through professional training and crafts;
  • Support of professional development through workshops, seminars, fairs and exhibitions …
  • Access to a database service according to the sectors
  • Support on procedural issues (eg Import / Export) and administrative and in preparing legal contracts
  • Pairing with consultancy firms and experts for the specific needs of its members (eg, development of joint ventures, technology transfer, finance project…)