About us

Madagascar South Africa Chamber of Commerce and Industry or MASACCI is an independent, nonprofit, established in March 2014. Its purpose is to promote the appropriate business environment for companies and firms wishing to develop their businesses in Madagascar, South Africa and throughout the region.

MASACCI aims the protection and the development of trade and industry between the two countries; influence policy decisions, collect and share to its members all relevant information, including statistical data on trade and industry, the business opportunities between the two countries and with neighboring countries; It also offers advice regarding the risks and problems related to the security of investments.

The Chamber acts as the “voice” of its members. It will ensure that the interests of its members are heard, understood and taken into account in consideration of the economic and commercial interests of both nations; MASACCI contributes to the deployment of the growth and competitiveness of the private sector.

The Chamber promotes corporate social responsibility and good public image of its members.