SADC Expert, Dr. Lyal White at MASACCI Meeting – February 17th, 2016


Madagascar South Africa Chamber of Commerce and Industry organizes a Chamber Meeting every two months. This time, a special guest took the trip from South Africa to make a presentation on Visa Africa Integration Index.
Dr. Lyal White is the Director of the Centre for Dynamic Markets (CDM) and a Senior Lecturer at the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS), University of Pretoria this content. As Director for the CDM he drives research and learning in dynamic markets at GIBS. He also leads monthly executive network meetings to discuss issues of interest and importance in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.

Dr. Lyal White’s presentation offered a detailed consideration of the state of Africa’s economic integration and the role that integration might play in shaping Africa’s economic surge.

sadc1“Currently, whilst Africa may be the world’s fastest growing continent, it also is the world’s least globalized – or internationally integrated – region. It is far less connected to the global economy and its value chains than the likes of Emerging Asia, Latin America, Central America or Eastern Europe. To boot, of the world’s different regions, Africa also is the least integrated internally.”

He has explained that this disconnectedness and low level of economic integration is a binding constraint on Africa’s economic progress that must be overcome if the region is to achieve its economic potential. Africa’s integration also is relevant to economic progress for the world at large. Africa is no longer part of the problem around global economic development, it now is part of the solution and its integration is a key factor in contributing to the region’s growth as well as world economic growth. In short, through greater connectedness, scale and improved integration with the global economy, Africa will set itself up to reach its true potential and contribute more substantially to this global economy.”

The presentation was attended by MASACCI members, and many other companies’ representatives.

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